Class Advanced and Car Carriers

Class Advanced and Car Carriers 1.0

Just Trains add-on for Train Simulator 2017 containing the Class 67 locomotive
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It's a Just Trains-made add-on for Train Simulator 2017 containing the Class 67 locomotive.
The Class 67 locomotive, with its distinctive sounds and raked back cab ends, is a common sight on parts of the UK rail network, carry heavy loads and providing express passenger services. The locomotive is capable of running at 140 MPH but is limited to 125 MPH.

Thanks to ActivScript technology, the Advanced range provides immersive features available such as advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds.

The unique IPA Car Carriers are also included, with the option to haul them unloaded or loaded with new cars.

The Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers package comes complete with custom scenarios to use on several additional payware routes. These scenarios are designed to help you make the most of the enhanced driving experience brought to you by the new Advanced features in this expansion.

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